At the heart of our organisation are Volunteers who help by running a number of regular activities and events as well as taking on roles within our Neighbourhood Shop, The Living Room, and both Hesters Way and Springbank Community Resource Centres.  Some give one or two days a week, others one or two hours a month.

Volunteers who help on an official basis may be taking a step towards increasing their self-confidence or work experience, before moving on to gain permanent work elsewhere. We can assist by providing pointers towards writing job applications, gaining certificates or training qualifications, healthy living, and making the most of opportunities.

Those who are retired, seeking to give something back to the community, or wanting to make new friends in the area, are also to be found among our  Volunteers.

On a casual basis we may need people for seasonal leaflet drops, setting-up rooms, or clearing tables.

To find out more, please use the Contact option on these pages.


From our volunteers

"I became a volunteer because I was very impressed with the staff at Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project. I started off by being a computer student. As the weeks progressed, I met many new people and appreciated the work they were doing. I hope that my few hours a week volunteering frees up a little of their time, to go on helping the local community. It has certainly helped me tremendously. It has educated me about computers, given me another interest in life, and I've made new friends, all just from putting in those few hours a week."


"Life feels good when you help and meet other people."


"I am enjoying my time at Hester's Way Neighbourhood Project due to the different types of people coming to the Resource Centre, people from different walks of life."