Facilities Management

Underpinning some of our charitable work and running costs are our facilities management contracts with Hesters Way Partnership and Cheltenham Borough Council to run the Hesters Way and Springbank Community Resource Centres which are home to a host of charitable, private and statutory organisations.

The Hesters Way CRC was opened in 2002 and Springbank CRC in 2008 which means we have 26 years of accumulative facilities management experience. Our facilities management contracts run until 2023 and 2037 respectively when we hope we will be able to extend them well into the future.

In total we are currently Landlord and Facility Managers to 20 organisations:


We provided day-to-day and planned maintenance of the Resource Centres, The Living Room and Neighbourhood Shop to a high standard working with specialist contractors including:

  • KB Heating Engineers
  • AB Electrical
  • County Clean and Maintenance
  • OTIS Lifts
  • Schindler Lifts
  • GEZE Automatic Doors
  • RHM Telecommunications
  • BT
  • Will Rimmer Access & CCTV Control
  • Ultra Vision Emergency Lighting
  • CIA Security System
  • Tann Synchronone Fire Protection
  • Protec Fire Protection
  • Lightening Protection
  • Commercial IT Limited