Thanks to our Volunteers & Trustees!

Project staff thanked Volunteers and Trustees (who also give their time and skills for free) by organising a curry night in the Andrew Pennington Suite at the Hesters Way Community Resource Centre with food prepared by JT’s Café.

Volunteers of all ages from across the area attended including our eldest Frank Beattie who is more than a local hero with all the voluntary work he’s done over the years. More on Frank and his like of being a real nuisance in future newsletters as well as a tribute to former councillor, Andrew Pennington.

It was great to see so many smiling faces and the food was great (thanks JT’s Café). Not satisfied with putting on a curry night, staff also organised a “Fun” Awards Evening at the St. Marks and Hesters Way Community Centre in Brooklyn Road. The red carpet was rolled out courtesy of our Christian Filipino friends from Church of Christ in Springbank , professional
photographer Chris Birch clicked away all evening. Everyone stepped into the spirit of those famous words “…and the three nominees are?” in categories such as “The Diva Award” for the biggest drama queen (hi Levy!), “The Abacus Award” for always being there to count on (hi Sarah!), “Barbie Doll Award” for the most likely person to be a model (hi Rod!), “The Casanova Award” for being the biggest flirt (hi Denise) and “The Loch Ness Award” for the person least likely to be found (and still not found!).

The evening was filled with laughter, everyone had a really good time and Margaret Hall, former mid-wife and volunteer with the Project for over 17 years, said “it was an fabulously unusual evening, one I was not expecting. It was clear that a lot effort had gone into organising everything, from the table layouts, the fun awards and the honouring of people”. Volunteers gave a huge round of applause to Helen Hope and Izi Jones for organising the evening and special thanks also went to Emily Patchett and Seonaid White.