Living Room gets involved with Music Festival

Michael Betteridge, a young composer, vocal director and animateur from Manchester is working with a drop-in group from the Living Room in Rowanfield and children from St Thomas More Catholic Primary in Lewis Road, Hesters Way. Part of the Cheltenham Festivals ‘Going for a Song’, Michael has been running a series of workshops empowering people to explore music, discover their voices, reflect on their life experiences and compose songs inspired by sites that are significant to them.

For local people who visit the Living Room, areas of focus include memory, the history of the area, the role of the Living Room within the local community and any important stories about the area they live in. He has worked with anyone using the Living Room who has wanted to participate by contributing ideas/lyrics, composing and/or performing. During Michael’s first visit to St Thomas More School, he encouraged the children to seek inspiration in every nook and cranny of their surroundings and their imagination. The pupils went on to write lyrics to their songs with music composed by Michael.

The Living Room Group performed at the Rowanfield Rocks at Rowanfield Infant School on the 3rd July. The two groups will be performing in Hesters Way on Friday 10th July at the library, Coronation Square at 12:00 then at the Monks Croft care home at 13:30. At the Music Festival’s Family Day on Saturday 11th July at Imperial Gardens at 2.30pm. Entry is free.

The living Room is also open for drop in on a Monday and Friday afternoon from 13:30 – 16:30 and from 10:00- 16:30 on Wednesday, where volunteer community organisers are available to discuss other groups and sessions open to the community.