Farewell to Chris!

Chris’s celebratory retirement farewell was attend by 30 people, including his partner, Pat Rhodes, and his two daughters Elysia and Gabby. Colleagues and volunteers of the Neighbourhood Project and tenants of the Springbank Centre got together to give him a surprise send off which he had said he didn’t want! He received lots of cards, well wishes, hugs and gifts including a framed print called “Live” by Bernard Ott, a stylish picnic basket, chilled champagne, wine, chocolates, book tokens and a thank you gift from Trustees on behalf of the Neighbourhood Project for his 18 years’ service. Borough and County Councillors, Peter Jeffries and Suzanne Williams passed on their best wishes to Chris for a long and happy retirement and thanked him for his many years of service to the local community.

Chris was given a true send off and within an hour of leaving, text our Helen to say

“Thank you for all your efforts. I was completely overwhelmed”.

On seeing a number of messages on Facebook sent the message “ Thank you for yesterday. I can’t believe that anyone would go to such an effort for me. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was. And thank everyone who came along for me please. Xx”

Chris joined the Neighbourhood Project as a Community Involvement Worker and was instrumental in setting up and running the Hesters Way News community newspaper which was well liked by locals giving them a voice and a window into what’s on in the area, . He’s been through the thick and thin of the success of the organisation and has been part of the backbone of all things good at the Springbank Community Resource Centre since it opened in 2007. As well as helping to run the Centre, Chris organised many community events, his favourite being the ECO Fun Day held in September each year. Chris took care of our website, newsletters, flyers and articles in the Echo whilst helping the Project through a tough time in 2005 to 2008 by being really flexible in his employment. On a personal level, Chris has also helped a number of people in extreme hardship over the years with a friendly ear, practical advice and by standing up for people, making things happen and did so without making a fuss.

He has a strong creative streak with some of his works available on www.chrisgreenstories.com. People will still be able to access local history on www.historyofhestersway.com.

Kevin Devaney adds:

“From us all, thank you Chris for all you’ve given and brought to the Project over the years. Have a great time in this next chapter of your life which we hope will include a page or two coming back to see us from time to time.”