Don’t live in silence – get a free hearing test

Andrew Bird Hearing operates his Specialist Hearing Centre from the Hesters Way Resource Centre. With over 14 years experience working as a trained Audiologist, Andrew established his Hearing Centre some 9 years ago. Assisted by his receptionist Lyn Attwood and trainee assistant Liam Halliday, this wheelchair accessible, friendly test centre offers free hearing tests and provides expert advice to over 3000 clients. They offer hearing tests at home as well as at 32 opticians throughout Gloucestershire, down to Bristol and Taunton, up to Worcester and Malvern.

People are encouraged to get their hearing tested in the same way they have their eyes tested. Andrew explains:

“Often people do not realise their hearing is impaired or they have medical problems associated with their inner ear which is a complex piece of engineering. It is not just the elderly who suffer impairment. Reduced hearing can result from virus infections, be a side effect of some medications, be genetic, be caused if people are exposed to loud noise over a period of time from working conditions, loud music or taking part in activities such as shooting without wearing suitable hearing protection (which is now prescribed by law in certain circumstances). Being unable to hear properly can result in social impairment but there is a stigma attached to hearing difficulties so people continue to live in a silent bubble. However modern technology is so advanced and hearing aids so discrete, that people should not be afraid of having their hearing tested and see how much better life can be if they can hear normally.”

To book your free hearing test contact 01242 262551