The OCR CLAiT syllabus accredits initial skills in operating the hardware and software components of a typical computer workstation, and allows staff to develop a range of IT skills.

Unit 1: File Management and e-Document Production
Unit 2: Creating Spreadsheets and Graphs
Unit 8: On-line Communication

Unit 1 includes the following areas of study:
  • use a personal computer safely and correctly
  • health and safety considerations
  • create, name, rename and delete files and folders
  • move and copy files
  • produce professional looking documents using Microsoft Word 2003
  • work with tables, margins, bullets and numbering
  • use automatic fields and the word count facility
  • enhance word processing documents using formatting techniques
Unit 2 includes the following areas of study:
  • work with Excel 2003
  • insert/amend text and numerical data in a spreadsheet
  • produce professional-looking spreadsheets
  • create formulae to produce accurate calculations
  • replicate formulae
  • use basic functions
  • use automatic fields
  • create a variety of graphs based on spreadsheet data
  • format graphs and charts
  • produce tailored printed output
Unit 8 includes the following areas of study:
  • navigate the World Wide Web
  • find online information effectively using search engines
  • print and save webpages
  • save images from webpages
  • store favourite webpages
  • understand the principles of virus checking
  • send, reply to and forward emails
  • work with email attachments
  • manage your email quota
  • use an email address book

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